The scope of manual import/export mechanism through the UI

Hi Everyone,

the SYNC2 team is currently working on sprint goal:​ More control over the synchronization process, manual synchronization. One of my tasks was to define the scope of manual import/export mechanism through the UI

Link to the comment I have talked with Paweł Gesek and we determined the scope: A manual import/export feature should allow importing data as a file containing FHIR/REST representation of entities. Ideally, this file should be encrypted.

Also, please note that ‘Manual Pull from Parent’ and ‘Manual Push to the Parent’ do not represent this feature.

Although, we need to establish more details, so here is my question to the community: Should we export the whole data or just selected entities? If the latter is true, which of them should be selected? Here’s a list of entities that the SYNC2 module pushes:

If you have any thoughts please let me know Thanks in advance!

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I would vote for both. That is, the ability to sync all data, and ability to sync only the selected entities.

Thank you for the answer. Since the scope is completed, I’ve created a task for it