The OpenMRSBot on IRC is too chatty (for me)

Just a random thought…

When I look at the OpenMRS Chat channel using Telegram (and its bridge to IRC) I usually see a wall of text that’s impossible to skim, and frankly I no longer care about seeing every change to every JIRA ticket:

Maybe this is more digestible in an IRC client, but at least for myself I don’t look at or participate on the IRC because I would have to spend too much energy actually looking for comments from real people.

I propose we stop having the bot chatter so much (basically get rid of all JIRA notifications via IRC). Thoughts?


Agreed. Anyone interested in an event feed from JIRA can subscribe to it. Showing new tickets would make sense, but showing every status change is too much.

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How do we change this?

I think this is the ‘teleirc’ bot that is currently running in a machine called ndu. This is all the information I managed to collect about it:

Telegram Bot

The Telegram bot runs on Digital Ocean (ndu). The steps taken to create and configure this bot are in /root/README. From these instructions:

# cd /opt
# git clone
# cd teleirc
# docker build -t openmrs/teleirc extras
# docker run --name=teleirc-data  -v /var/teleirc:/home/teleirc/.teleirc openmrs/teleirc echo 'data teleirc'
# docker run --rm --volumes-from=teleirc-data openmrs/teleirc teleirc --genconfig
# docker run --name=teleirc -p 9090:9090 -d --restart=always --volumes-from=teleirc-data openmrs/teleirc

To restart if it stopped:

$ ssh
$ sudo su root -
# docker start teleirc

That bot haven’t been migrated to jetstream yet. So, we don’t have that in code, nor we have a build or anything like that.

/var/teleirc is where the configuration exists.

Do you want me to give access to you or to someone to play with it?

If you want to disable totally JIRA notifications in IRC, I have absolutely no idea how that’s configured.

So, I’ve found it.

We have another machine, a very very old one, running supybot:

The RSS plugin is enabled.

This is the config

Let me know what do you want me to disable.

Quickly glancing on my phone…

jira Remove

ask I think this no longer exists and we should remove the config

ci keep, assuming it means broken builds

cistg remove

talk not sure offhand.

Perhaps changing the JIRA RSS feed to something like this:

That would only report newly created tickets.

I’m fine doing this for now and seeing how much noise there is. (Personally I already see newly created tickets in my own rss reader so I don’t want to see them on IRC also. But I doubt many people do this.)

I think that worked.

But I’m super curious about the other bots. The @ChanServ, the status bot, do we even control them?

We have control of the IRC channel (chansrv).

Something I think would increase the signal to noise ratio is to reformat the messages to a more succinct format, i.e. from this:

^^^ New from OpenMRS jira: Tomasz Mueller updated 2 fields of SYNCT-133 - Add Visits Synchronization

To something like this, leveraging some markdown which should be supported in telegram [1]:

JIRA: Tomasz Mueller updated 2 fields of SYNCT-133 - Add Visits Synchronization

I’m not sure if this is achievable with the current bot implementation, just wanted to throw the idea on the table. :slight_smile:

@henziger that seems to make sense to me, some of these messages can be less verbose