The Google Code-In 2016 Trip Experience

Hello OpenMRS community,

The GCI 2016 trip ended about a week ago and I’ll like to share my experience of the trip with you all :slight_smile:

The trip was a really good one! It was an amazing experience for me and I’m so happy I got to meet two OpenMRS GCI mentors (Shreyans Sheth & Chaitya Shah) and Mira Yang! I wrote an article here with more details of my experience on this trip. :grinning:

I hope this serves as an inspiration to prospective GCI students for OpenMRS and for the Open Source community!

I’ll like to thank everyone in the community (GCI mentors, Community Leaders etc) again for making the Code-In 2016 contest a great one!



Hey @grimm, this is so cool! :smile: I will never forget those days, before your internet was cut off, when you used to knock out those tasks and routinely help others on IRC. Please keep it up and thanks for sharing with us this wonderful experience! :slight_smile:


:smile: Thanks @dkayiwa.