Thank you University of Nebraska-Lincoln

On behalf of openmrs, I wish to extend my gratitude to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Their students have worked with us for one month reviewing and updating our documents. Its unfortunate most of their work wasn’t reviewed on time as you can see on this link because we have few reviewers and they are very busy but I promise it will be worked on. Let this delay not make you lose interest in openmrs instead encourage you to join this mighty opensource organization.Once again thank you for choosing openmrs and hope to see you again.

To the openmrs documentation team, congratulations for the successful first phase of review and also the GSoD proposal which went through. We shall continue with our Tuesday meetings and document review though on a personal level. Anyone in the community who wish to join this team you are welcome. :smile:


Thanks alot Nebraska-Lincoln for the great work

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@mharder and Team!!! :smile: We hope we will continue to see you and your teams ongoing contributions.


Thank you and lets keep the reviews going!!

Thank you University of Nebraska-Lincoln! And to @jwnasambu for your awesome leadership on this project. It’s clear that this has been a lot of work, and that the result will be a much better set of documentation for our community.

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