tests failing in core on Windows

Hello everyone;

Due to the recent migration in core to junit 5 there are tests failing that need to be fixed .

See https://pastebin.com/UstUVqHk

@teleivo @achilep

Thanks @gcliff for did the test fail after your changes or be4 your changes

@teleivo @achilep could you try compiling core ,curious to look at the logs

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@sharif as you see in the logs i have shared ,its done on the master and before any changes are made


@gcliff https://ci.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-MASTER is green. Core tests (unit & integration) and thus compilation are working according to Bamboo CI. Tests are also passing for me locally.

Can you share some details on your environment? JVM and its version for example


@teleivo https://pastebin.com/CSGU6BFb

please can you pull the latest change ?

this happens before making any code changes or pr

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thanks to report this error . it was a common problem in junit 5.4 or lest than 5.4 for windows platform

@teleivo @achilep for some uknown reason,a new clone with even pulling the latest changes i get these logs https://pastebin.com/201sVGun This has happened at my side for some time,not sure why :thinking:

can you please link to some resources relating to this. Just for the record: we are on JUnit 5.6.2 at the moment.


yes , junit 5.6.2 has fix the problem .

please can you try this annotation @DisabledOnOs(OS.WINDOWS) on top of that test :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: is just to see .

but if @gcliff is seeing this issue it does not look fixed :thinking:

@teleivo I have done a build with latest fix made by @achilep but i seem to run into the same error https://pastebin.com/K2vn5G6E

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@DisabledOnOs(OS.WINDOWS) this annotation disable a test on windows . that test was not suppose to run again .

Screenshot from 2020-07-17 12-23-15

@achilep @teleivo it does fix it https://pastebin.com/fSeUPdhQ

Going to raise a pr

that is not really a fix. lets think about this first. what this is doing is just not running it on Windows. lets first investigate why this is failing on windows. all our automation seems to run on unix like machines so this issue never came up in our development/deployment. currently this means it would fail for everyone developing on windows. if you follow the discussion here https://github.com/spring-io/initializr/issues/862 they found a bug in the end in their own code not in JUnit. Could it be that we are not closing a stream/file properly and somehow this is not an issue on unix like systems. I will have a look.

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