Testing Password Reset on Android Client

Hi everyone,

I have implemented the Password reset feature on the Android Client. The blocker is that I cannot test the feature myself as I am not able to add email field to the database of users.

It will hardly take 5 minutes. Please go through this link and head over to the topic " Setting up your own OpenMRS server for testing on Mobile Phone".

Link to Apk file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bZ5SEd1IvNU3ip4njupT_wjReLHrEKUz

cc: @ryan97 @f4ww4z @harisu @csmuthukuda @vankineenitawrun

#gsoc2019 #passwordreset

Hi @deepak140596,
Congrats on the work done, Well adding email field to the user is part of the work @ryan97 is doing during this last week of gsoc, But for now what you can do is to add it manually using mysql command line tool or any other database administration tool that you are comfortable with it could be phpMyAdmin or mysql workbench etc,

Isn’t that field already added and released in platform 2.2.0? https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-5425

The field is there already. I think his problem is populating it, as there is no UI for populating but the necessary logic is already in core.

@harisu is right. I am having trouble populating it. I will try it once again tomorrow and let you know.

Ok @deepak140596 you can do that with a simple update query and you should be all good to go.