Testing OpenMRS

I am having trouble getting OpenMRS to work so that I can explore a few things.

My main aim is to test modules like the Order extension module so that I can try to out creating orders such as this:

Question: Is this possible to do in the demo with the reference app? I can’t seem to find many options (would have taken screenshots of it but it crashed while I was exploring and hang at shut down - last screen below, but I had checked the manage order option and it had many issues e.g. undefined concepts so I couldn’t proceed… also, I couldn’t find or add patients)

I thought maybe the production version would be better and I wanted to test it out so I installed MySQL and Tomcat

but can’t get a GUI

So I followed the Instructions and downloaded the legacy UI and a couple other modules

but still it won’t load a GUI for me to continue.

What did I do wrong? How best can I proceed?

Did you get to solve this?

Not really unfortunately! I never got anyone giving me advise despite the detailed description of the problem

Oh, we are please so sorry about that! :

Just incase it is a browser caching problem, with the mouse in the browser address bar, press CTRL + SHIFT + R and tell me what happens.

For some reason…i tried this and not getting resolved. I got stuck… and had cleared the cache history of my browser. concluded because i was not using CIEL dictionary in my set up thus the errors. Kindly try am interested to know the outcome.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see in the browser?

You try to install OpenMRS using the https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+SDK It has a wizard mode that helps guiding you through the installation