Tested Tickets Pending Closure prior to RefApp 2.7.0 Release

Hallo Community,we are supposed to be releasing Ref App 2.7.0 but the following tickets are not either closed or rather not indicated as done on the Techinal Road Map .Please close and indicate on the Technical Road Map as Required so that we can proceed with the Release or still forwarded to next release in case of RA-1257.Thanks alot.

  • RA-1427 - Waiting For Test .Assignee @raff
  • RA-1395 - Waiting For Test. Assignee @mseaton
  • RA-1397 - IN BACKLOG. Reporter @mseaton
  • RA-1287 -Waiting For Test. assignee @mksrom Reporter @ssmusoke
  • RA-1257 -IN BACKLOG. Reporter @James Arbaugh