Test/dev server ssh config changed to more secure defaults

The SSH server keys have changed.

I am updating Bamboo’s keys manually, but you should probably just nuke that entry, your ssh client will tell you the line in your known_hosts file to remove, and just remove it that line.

if you’re on OS X/Linux, I found this which may ease your pain.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you have any failed builds when you try to deploy, let me know as soon as it happens. I fixed the known_hosts file for the bamboo-agents. This should only affect the test boxes, we already fixed the production/staging servers.

This was necessary to make things more secure :lock:


For which servers?

All of them. I’ll address this. It’s a stronger key. Your keys are the same. The actual server host key for sshd is what im talking about

So to be clear, every single OpenMRS server’s ssh key has changed, including devtest02*, uat*, int*, etc?

So we should remove *.openmrs.org from our .ssh known hosts on our own client machines.

Yeah – it might be easiest – I tried to not do it – we did it for all staging/prod servers and things settled down. Test servers is a result of running the ansible playbook which I forgot had this change to add more people with global access to all servers.