Terms and Conditions of Bahmni Support

Dear Bahmni team,

I have presented Bahmni to all people responsible for the operation of the Kirpal Charitable Hospital. They like my suggestion to implement a minimal Bahmni deployment while keeping the current system in place as is. We have the organizational and technical preconditions for this in place.

The only thing which holds us back from starting the work on it is that we are not sure about the Terms and Conditions of your support for Bahmni.

Given the limited knowledge about the software and limited staff available we think that we would need some help from you for a successful, serious Bahmni implementation. We don’t expect you to work for us for free but we need it to be affordable, e.g. we cannot pay the usual prices charged for enterprise consulting and training.

So can you please answer me those questions? I’ll forward the answers to our chairman et. al and hope that they’ll give a “Go” for the MVP mentioned above.

  1. Is it possible to get a phone number for the clarification of open organizational questions?
  2. Is it possible to get a hotline number for first level support requests? E.g. if we are using Bahmni in production and suddenly the Medication prescriptions cannot be saved anymore (see e.g. gist.github.com) we would like to have direct help to be able to resolve this problem as soon as possible, ideally with remote support via SSH and or Chrome Remote Desktop or Team Viewer.
  3. If yes, how much do you charge for those services.
  4. Would it be possible to send some people from our staff (e.g. our system administrator and a nurse) for a few days or weeks over to Hyderabad for training purposes?
  5. If yes, how much would you charge for this?
  6. Do you still continue with doing inception workshops and customizations by yourself even though I’ve been told that you are thinking about moving towards an implementation partner network approach instead?
  7. If yes, how much would you charge for this?
  8. How much would you charge us for the implementation of special requirements, e.g. the syncronization of Kirpal Sagar Academy student accounts (which are managed by an individually developed PHP/MySQL system) with Bahmni?

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@janux I will reply to you via private message.

Just for future readers: Darius didn’t want to reply to me publicly in this thread as the OpenMRS community doesn’t want to have commercial discussions in this forum.

Thanks for pointing that out Jan.

The https://talk.openmrs.org/c/implementing/job-board category on these forums is for posting commercial work opportunities (and people follow up in email, private messages, etc).

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@janux, things may have changed since the time you asked the question. It is still relevant to post on the Job Board, however there is a more direct channel to seek a Bahmni Coalition partner. You can specifically request to be put in contact with one here.

What happens is this. If you specifically request to be put in contact with a support partner, they will all see your request and be given the opportunity to engage with you/your organisation. This is a transparent process where all coalition members can see which one(s) of them raise their hand when a client request falls in. Usually the default response mechanism happens based on the location of the organisation seeking implementation support. I personally don’t think it is the most relevant factor, so I would advise to be as clear as possible as to the sort of skills/type of support or servicing that you are expecting (rather than just saying where your organisation is or where the implementation site is).

You may as well provide a link to a relevant Talk post if there is one already detailing what your needs are. That’s to avoid typing again or pasting things that have already been written elsewhere.

@janux since this is a different topic, I have replied here (and let’s follow up there if you don’t mind).

@mksd, the reason why I have posted the notice about the support terms as an idea for the “short-term Bahmni Roadmap” is that pushing the idea of an “Implementer Network” further might be substantial effort. For us a potential Bahmni users more transparency about the options we have would have been helpful.

Thanks for the links to the Job Board. I think I’ll keep that option in mind.