Terminology Resources from OpenMRS Unconference Sessions

Putting in some resources from the chat from the unconference session about termionlogy management

Notes on the August 2, 2023 section of this document: OpenMRS Dictionary Management Weekly Meetings - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

The most up to date LOINC codes will be here - https://search.loinc.org/ - but if you prefer using OCL, there’s also a LOINC version on there: https://app.openconceptlab.org/#/orgs/Regenstrief/sources/LOINC/

CIEL is almost always my personal starting place though because CIEL has mappings back to the right LOINC code: https://app.openconceptlab.org/#/orgs/CIEL/sources/CIEL/

PIH library on OCL (staging server): https://app.staging.openconceptlab.org/#/orgs/PIH/sources/PIH/

Shiriki webinar about NHDDs slides NHDDs, Terminology, and Governance - Shiriki July 2023 - Google Slides

and recording National Health Data Dictionaries: An Emerging Framework for Implementing Health Data Standards - YouTube