Terminology: how would you call an obs that is not associated with visits/encounters?

We need to name those obs appropriately in the context of the Attachments module’s Java API. For the time being we have settled on isolated obs, but is there a better distinctive name for such “floating” obs?

Any better ideas?

Cc @burke @akanter @ridmal @zouchine @ahmed14

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I’ve always referred to them as encounterless obs.

Seems like a good term to me :slight_smile:

@akanter I’m taking that you meant “encounterless” , correct?

yes :grinning:

@ridmal , as part of one of your commits for ATT-24, could you change ‘isolated’ → ‘encounterless’? There must be quite a few places already.

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Ok i will change ‘isolated’ to ‘encounterless’ .:slight_smile: