Telemedicine consultancy service & module

I wanted to announce a module we developed which allows clinicians to request patient consultations and receive consults at no cost from US licensed medical professionals. While we’ve been providing consults for a few years now, we just recently created an OpenMRS module to allow for an easy integration with our charitable service.

We’re looking for organizations who would be interested in piloting the module to receive telemedicine from us and help us ensure all the pertinent observations are exported to the generated CCD file. We’re using the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) format as a “standards based” way to share clinical data from OpenMRS into our custom built telemedicine focused EMR.

The module is on GitHub at and our organization is Connecting Kids with Care. While we are focused on serving children, we provide consults to patients of all ages.

Please feel to respond to this thread with general questions, otherwise my e-mail is if you want to follow up directly. We have a standard service & confidentiality agreement we can share, to ensure that the privacy of any patient charts shared with us will be maintained.


Bringing this to your attention, just in case :slight_smile:

cc @isears @levine @codepoet2017390


We’re actually already collaborating!

Excellent! Please make it as visible as you can feel comfortable. :smile: