Telegram messages don't display on IRC

I think this might be a problem with the Telegrambot am not sure, but messages from my telegram have not been showing on IRC. Thanks to @georgejr who noticed this during scrum having his telegram and IRC running, could not see my posts and I think he noticed the same issue happening to himself.

Could this be looked into, I don’t think this is now a personal occurance for me then. If anyone else has noticed this too, thanks.

@cintiadr @dkayiwa @burke @herbert24

Ugh. Not good.

This bot is barely supported.

I will check it next weekend if no one jumps on it, but I cannot promise anything.

Can you do me a favour? Raise this with helpdesk, so it’s a reminder for me.

Alright, thank you

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I think it’s working again.

It seems we renamed the telegram chat and we didn’t changed the bot configuration.