Telegram Chat Not Opening

My ISP has blocked the telegram web app. I also can’t run it on my phone due to the same reason. How else can I interact with the community since there isn’t a large amount of community interaction in the talk forum?

Hi @qasimk313!

You can join IRC when you have any questions or ideas. It’s synchronized with the Telegram chat so it’s not a problem. Take a look at this. The channel for Google Code-In IRC is #openmrs-gci . Good luck!


In case, Could you have a time to look for VPN? So possibly you can access Telegram through VPN. Otherwise simply go through IRC, both are sync.


Hello @qasimk313

If you are using android or an ios device, try to install VPN changing apps. From such apps you can change your VPN and can continue to use telegram. Be sure to check changing VPN is not illegal in your country. Once you change your VPN, be sure to change it back to your original one. Few VPN changing apps are:- ExpressVPN, Hotspot shield, cyber ghost and many more. You can find it on play store or app store or from an 3rd party source.

Hi & thanks for the reply. I sorted this issue out earlier by installing a VPN on my PC & Phone.