Telegram chat has no admins and is having spammer issues [SOLVED]

The Telegram chat has multiple spammers now and literally no admins active to deal with them.


Which of the groups is this occurring so that we can investigate?

This is still very much a problem – might want to handle it before it degenerates into porn spam.

It’s very disturbing have seen this several times. i hope the infra team are clearing this.

Well given the fact that @surangak doesn’t respond and the current admins seemed to have checked out…not many others seem to care :man_shrugging:

@c.antwi @cintiadr anything that can be done to deal with these spammers ? @robby i don’t know ,could there be a Bot to handle this ? Possibly by filtering

Sadly there is not much they can @tendomartas – the only admins seem to have checked out. At this stage given the fact that I invited the people who could potentially fix this to this topic and none have actually responded, so I can only assume that it doesn’t bother them that they have spam in the Telegram chat.

@c.antwi @jennifer can this be put on the agenda of our next PM call?

Thank you so much @r0bby for always notifying us about these important issues that need our attention!!!

I’d vote to remove telegram support altogether.

Not only very few people appear to use it, majority of core devs are not there, and I need to maintain the telegram <-> bridge, which no one so far helped me dockerise.

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Hi There

We will discuss this at our next PM meeting


@cintiadr Some one with great DevOps skill set ?

I wouldn’t vote for scrapping The Telegram channel because it keeps us in sync with IRC on the go, when no PC is available , but if it’s the only solution ,also given the limited DevOps Skill set / support compared with the magnitude of work available,then we have no option.

@r0bby there could be a Bot which filters Telegram >> Posts before they happen.May be filter Post content url That would save Legit Telegram users. is a thing. $5USD/Month and you can stay connected 24/7.

Yet another thing to maintain. There still needs to be admins willing. That said Group Butler exists. We wouldn’t need to maintain it if we used the one they have running already – but there’s a level of trust involved.

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It’s really doesn’t require big skills in devops. There are plenty of developers who can docker things, but still I currently don’t have anyone willing to go that path and learn.

There are IRC mobile clients. If they are not enough, maybe we want to consider moving out of IRC. Here’s some examples:

Am I understanding it correctly that you are you volunteering to create/configure such bot?

In order for said bot to work – one of the admins would have to respond. I’ve pinged @surangak to no avail.

I personally use telegram and in fact prefer it over IRC. Scrapping it won’t be the solution in my opinion. On the other hand, someone who regularly uses telegram from openmrs ( and is trustworthy) like say @tendomart can be made admin so that he may kick the spammers out as soon they post something.

Maybe we could try contacting him via e-mail?

If 2 or 3 people who use telegram regularly (like @reubenv and @tendomart) volunteer to moderate and ban spammers, I consider it a problem solved.

I assume we should make the bot an admin too, so we have recover access later if needed be.

I don’t mind volunteering for this to be honest cause I do look into the group ever so often. @r0bby is another name that comes to mind for this role

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Robby already said he doesn’t want to get involved with new responsibilities in our community, so we should respect that.

I will email the admins and ask them to make you admin @reubenv