Telegram bot to monitor demo server

Hey all, Issue: It’s probably known to you that currently the demo servers are not working as smoothly as expected, and there is a high level of outages (once to twice per week according to a reply posted on another topic here). There is a system to notify the admins about the server status but as of my knowledge there is no way for other developers to know.

Suggestion/solution: I did a bit of googling and found a bot which monitors a website and alerts when the status changes ( This can be added to the main OpenMRS chat on telegram as well as other groups like GCI and GSoC ones if required.

Attaching a screenshot

Can use the bot as is or build it with changes, right now it’s mostly working good but there are a few false positives

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We have monitoring, we use monitoring tools. We also have if that’s what you want. You can subscribe there, I can separate the demo server in

One can follow changes via rss.

It’s not the infra team doesn’t know or it’s not advertised.

Yes, I am aware that the infra team does know about this. My suggestion here was to have other people who use the demo servers know when it is available. Mainly the concern was that there are a lot of instances where GCI students try to access the server but report it being down in the group

Can we use

Sure. We can have the bot scape the page and report if there’s a change in the status of the demo server, or have a web request sent to the bot from the server itself when there’s a change so all the bot would have to do is forward a message to the channel/group. Building the bot shouldn’t be much of a hassle…

If we need this I can help set up a docker-compose service on a tier 4 machine.

@permissionerror, thanks for your interest, but the bot does not need a container to run in :smile:

Found out that the bot can listen for webhooks btw