Telegram bot not working

Hello. It seems that the telegram bot which used to deliver News from Talk, #OpenMRS IRC Channel Messages and Build Failure Info to the Telegram Group has stopped working. The last message it sent was on June 17th. Also, the sender of the previous messages sent by Telegram Bot is displayed as Deleted Account.

Thanks for the notification. I’ll investigate and see if I can get it back up for us.


So, the bad news is teleirc bridge we were using has been deprecated and is no longer maintained. The good news is that I’ve investigated matterbridge and have managed to bridge IRC, Telegram, and Slack together with it in testing during my recent holiday.

FYI – I will plan on deploying matterbridge (as “omrsbridge”) to link #openmrs on IRC, OpenMRS Chat on Telegram, and #general on Slack when I get a chance. Hopefully, it will improve communication across these chat tools rather than frustrate everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

/cc @cintiadr


IRC, Telegram, and Slack #general are now bridged with matterbridge. Time will tell whether or not it is stable & useful for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for doing that, @burke :slight_smile: It’s really nice!

Not sure if there’s anything very different, do you reckon that is still updated?

Done. :slight_smile: