Teleconsultation enhancements

We have planned on taking up below tasks and we have following approach/analysis for each task. Please provide feedback

    1. Ability to notify & send reminders for appointments via Emails/ SMS.

Solution: We can add a task which runs every hour and send email notification for next hour appointments

    1. Ability to send e-prescription to the patient post the consultation.

Solution: We can add an option in patient dashboard to upload and send prescription through email

    1. Password protected meetings.

Solution approach: There is an option for initial user who starts/joins a meeting to set a password and other users have to enter it before joining. Does this suffice?

    1. Internationalization of Email Body Content.

Analysis : Currently it is a configurable value. I don’t think we have Internationalization in backend, If we have to do it we need to maintain different config values for different language. Can we go ahead with this approach

    1. Reschedule Tele-consultation use-case.

Analysis: Edit is already there, need to know if any changes required or should allow reschedule from different screen/user like doctor, if so then should doctor be able to edit the appointment directly?

    1. Ability to have a floating video window in Bahmni for Teleconsulting, while being able to navigate to any screen.

Analysis: With the current set up the teleconsultation dialog opens in clinical app, each app in application has a diff index.html, to maintain the floating window we need to have a parent index.html where the dialog can be opened, one workaround would be to open the meet in new window altogether, any thoughts??

    1. Ability to exchange documents, images, etc securely during Teleconsultation session.

Analysis: Jitsi meet doesn’t support the transfer of files, images, etc. There was another task to make the teleconsultation configurable with zoom, etc. we can look in to that option

@angshuonline @gsluthra Please provide your feedback we can shecdule a call to discuss all the open questions once and go ahead with the tasks once finalized

For point 3: Password protect – I would recommend to keep the experience simple. Just provide a way for someone to say: “password protect” this meeting – and if they choose that option, from the backend generate a simple 5 digit random number (like OTP), and assign it to the meeting as password. Display this password to users when they want to “copy-paste” or “share” the invite.

This will ensure that, users don’t need to be creative on passwords. They don’t need to reuse the same password each time (likely can happen if humans are giving password). Plus saves time, if password is simple to communicate on phone or sms. Numbers are usually unambiguous.

What do you think? Sounds good?

It might also be a good idea to do this as default for all meetings. Please consider user’s operational experience if we do this.

For point4: Internalization of Email Body template – Might be good to validate from OpenMRS team (maybe post on their slack channel this question?). Having Global Properties like <attribute>.<locale>=<value>, will definitely work – but if there is an i18n framework in OpenMRS for such kind of data, that would be good to double check.

Found a related discussion, but the JIRA issue is currently marked as Won’t-Fix, due to inactivity.

cc: @grace : is there someone from OpenMRS who can confirm if there is a better way to manage translations for different email templates (not concepts).

For point2: Sending a prescription by email to patient - i think a separate Talk discussion would be a good idea, with some explanation of use-case, and possible solution. This could be a very helpful feature, even outside the use-cases of Teleconsultation.

Hello @vishalsarasani . For point 2 - Ability to send e-prescription to the patient post consultation, as part of a hackathon we worked on the following.

  1. Converting the prescription into PDF
  2. Previewing the PDF of the prescription through patient’s dashboard
  3. Sending the prescription via email

We were able to convert the prescription to PDF successfully and preview it in the dashboard. This is the PR for it Priya, Sameera | Prescription Preview | Added functionality to preview a prescription by jpriya1602 · Pull Request #24 · Bahmni-Covid19/openmrs-module-bahmniapps · GitHub.

We were able to send a mail to the patient as well but we had some difficulty in sending the attachment.

Some of the feedback that we received:

  1. Making the fields from where the ‘email’ and ‘contact number’ is fetched from configurable
  2. Footer in prescription PDF indicating who took the printout/downloaded, date and time of printout (For taking printouts of the PDF)
  3. Making email and phone number editable which booking tele-consultation appointment
  4. Flags to control access to printing/ download option

cc @gsluthra

A floating window helps the doctor to freely navigate through the clinical app and enter data for the patient while still having a view of the patient’s video feed. If the patient video is displayed in a separate window when the doctor clicks on the clinical app, the other window (patient video) will hide behind it and the doctor will lose the view of the patient’s video. So my vote goes for fixing the floating window itself.