Technical Road Map

Session Title: Technical Road Map

Session Type: Short Unconference Session (small room group discussion, 50 minutes)

Description: In this session, we will discuss the OpenMRS Technical Road Map. What milestones should the OpenMRS community be focusing on over the next year? As we re-invent the process for contributing to the road map, what things should we ensure are part (or not part) of that process? This is a great opportunity not only to share you input on what technical milestones the community should aim for in 2016, but also how you think the community can best achieve a fair and inclusive technical road map. Join us and have your voice heard!

Suggested By: @burke and @darius

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Thanks for this great session idea! Unfortunately, we have already done the initial OMRS15 session scheduling. However, we have intentionally left some open spaces to be claimed at the opening session on Thursday morning. We’d encourage you to consider one of the open time slots and schedule your session at that time. Thanks!