Technical Plan for O3 Content Packages

I promised in last week’s O3 Squad Call to clearly share the 2 epics driving the actual technology for O3 Content Packages. Here they are! Thanks to @ibacher for his thoughts which were pivotal to construct both.

  1. Better O3 Setup 2024: Sets in place some tooling like a Distro Inheritance Tool and leverages Iniz’s Validator Tool that will be key in enabling distributions’ consumption of O3 Content Packages (or content “Templates” as some prefer to call them)
  2. Content Packages MVP 2024: This is the key one!!

We’ve added tickets detailing the steps needed next to get this working automatically for distro-maintainers. Please add your feedback here or in comments on the Epics or Tickets.

The 2 Key Points

  1. a new file will define the Metadata + Modules inside a Content Package
  2. the contents of this file will automatically update the distro’s file

Please see the epic description for more info. In the meantime, here’s a super rough example schema of what we imagine in a file:
  omod.foobar = ">=1.0.0"
  sap.@openmrs/esm-registration = ">=3.0.0"

Thank you for this @grace . Looking forward to see the work starting.