Technical documentation of Ozone

Hello @mksd please can you point to me to the technical documentation of ozone. I mean something like confluence. thanks

Hi @njiddasalifu – that would be

These docs will be enriched a lot between now and Ozone’s first beta.

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thanks @mksd looking into that right away.

Hello @mksd,

Well done on the work that you doing and the way you built the platform in a way newbies won’t even face issues with especially the three command installation.

Had small question on how to change the services and assign how much would it cost for that service?.

Thank you @amein, a lot of work was put in there, and we currently work actively at expanding the docs ahead of our first beta release.

This is more an OpenMRS question than an Ozone question. The demo/default ones are configured here: openmrs-distro-referenceapplication/distro/configuration/appointmentservicedefinitions/service_definitions-core_demo.csv at main · openmrs/openmrs-distro-referenceapplication · GitHub

In your own child Ozone distro you can override this like done here for instance, taking the example of KenyaHMIS (you can definitely use that distro as a guide): kenyahmis/configs/openmrs/initializer_config/appointmentservicedefinitions/servicedefinitions.csv at main · palladiumkenya/kenyahmis · GitHub

You can also use OpenMRS Distro HIS as a sample guide to craft a child distro of Ozone, but it barely got started and it is not overriding the Ozone parent very much at this point.

Fyi this process will be document here in the docs, right now this page is still a placeholder for work-in-progress.

Actually there aren’t any billable items handled around appointments, for now at least. As stated here, and as of now, the only billable items taken into account within billing-related data flows are drug and lab orders.

What would be the use cases you’re after exactly? Would you be able to spell out the user stories?

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