Technical Action Committee Updates and Discussion

2019-11-06 Key discussion/decisions

  • Recruiting technical leadership is more of a means to an end. Our objective is to make sure we actively build technical leadership to advance the platform and ecosystem
  • Recruitment is really an Operations thing - this committee (and the PCC) should inform Operations of their needs related to technical leadership to Operations
  • Another important objective focuses on recommended/endorsed technologies for the community
  • Added another objective that focuses on making OpenMRS implementation easier in different contexts - and the six different focus areas fall under this:
    • Improving configurability by end users
    • Easing deployment and upgrade paths
    • Increasing modularity and Improving development experience
    • Integration, interoperability and data sharing
    • Improve metadata management
    • Making sure the platform is stable (and stays stable)
  • Ideas for OMRS19
    • Hackathon focused on microfrontends + FHIR
    • Propose objectives/focus areas as unconference session
    • Friday session summarizes input
    • Use this as a leading session and then regroup

Action Items:

  • Add more feedback on the document
  • Take this and see if we can map this with the PCC needs - Mark has some thoughts about this
  • What objective/technical focus area will have the most impact/value for the community
  • Questions from the community and PCC about Sync 2.0, FHIR, and OCL for OpenMRS


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