Task Not Found Exception(Resolved)

@dkayiwa @ibacher @mozzy I am currently in the process of developing a straightforward ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) query to facilitate the seamless transfer of extracted and transformed data into an OpenMRS database. Regrettably, I’ve encountered a significant obstacle in the form of a task that cannot be located. but when i check in the database, the task name is there, This issue manifests specifically at this point in the codebase: link to code snippet.

Hello, For some reason, the chron job is not able to pick the task defined in manage schedules and hence throw the above exception. Could be a bug in ETL module.

Was able to load data into openmrs patient table. At first the above error log is first thrown but its not neccessary, if and only if some conditions are met.

The first condition was to set the OMRS ID to none since we want IDs from outside data merge synchronously with IDS from OMRS.