Talk will be unavailable - 19th August 00:00 UTC


I’ll be migrating talk to a new server this weekend. During most of that, talk will be ‘read-only’ access.

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Hi @cintiadr

The title should be changed to August :slight_smile:

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Gosh yes.

I barely registered we are in 2018. I just gave up remembering exactly how old I am.


You are not alone! :smile:

This will start now.

Testing reply via web interface

Testing reply via email

I do consider the migration successful!

New server, new datacenter, new docker, new version of discourse.

Let us know in helpdesk @ if you have trouble!


Thanks @cintiadr for this Sunday package! :smile:

@cintiadr You are totally awesome, please do share your wishlist for this year’s OpenMRS conference conference :wink:

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Thanks @cintiadr!

Awesome @cintiadr , you rock :smile:

For some reason, talk was sending email as ‘infrastructure’ instead of ‘talk+noreply’.

That might have caused some drama if you are using email filters using the ‘From’ field.

Hopefully, I’ve fixed that now.