Talk is not sending emails (I think???)

It appears talk is not sending emails at all since Saturday or so.

I have absolutely no idea why that’s happening, but I will see what I can find.

(If you are receiving any emails from talk, please message here and let me know).

Check mandrill’s logs?

Well, I discovered the --skip-pre-reqs option on launcher and, combined with fixing our database, was able to get Discourse upgraded in place. We’re now running latest version of Talk. Hopefully, that will help with the email issues.

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Update: I sent myself a test message through the admin screens and received it. So, I’m optimistic.

I’m receiving emails again! Great, thanks!

Happy to confirm too that the notifications are working again. Thanks!

Same here! :smile:

Yep, just got a flood of messages… looks like the even the older ones as well… thanks!