Taking a shot in the dark with RA-310

Hi everyone,

I’m new to open source, and I’m new to OpenMRS. I’ve had more than an interesting experience getting my development environment configured, and I’ve had very little luck with commenting on JIRA. Also, I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong section.

The bug can be found here, and it looks fairly easy to fix. However, I’m running into more issues. Thanks to Cordt Byrne, it’s easy to see that that bug directly deals with openmrs-module-coreapps.

However, I’m having problems with getting this to work after successfully building the module.

Immediately I’m gifted the “Module Core Apps Module cannot be started because it requires the following module(s): uiframework ${uiframeworkVersion}, appframework ${appframeworkVersion}, appui ${appuiVersion}, emrapi ${emrapiVersion}, webservices.rest ${webservicesRestVersion}, idgen ${idgenVersion}, reporting ${reportingVersion} Please install and start these modules first.” error.

Clearly I’m missing dependencies. (Perhaps some sort of module dependency solution would be nice, but that’s not the point for this.) So, I’ve gone about installing these dependencies. Some of these dependencies say that I’m not using a valid version of OpenMRS. Some break OpenMRS and have to be removed before OpenMRS will work again.

All I’m trying to do is install this module so that I’m able to reproduce the bug and then go about fixing it.

Am I going about this in entirely the wrong direction? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The easiest way to get set up with Reference Application is to download and run the standalone version. This will have all the required modules. You can also download the WAR file and reference app modules & data on the downloads page.

That error message you got should display the required module versions. I’m not sure what’s happening there.

Developers need to checkout the reference distro project and build it to generate the latest omods, this is the guaranteed way in development to have all the modules with their correct dependency versions. I added comment to ticket @farmerau