Take part in testing our OpenMRS Platform 1.11 release!

Hi dear friend. We are working day and night so that we prepare the OpenMRS 1.11 release to fit what you expect including the new features that you will be happy to use after the release :slight_smile: We have over 268 tickets that need to be tested prior to releasing the OpenMRS 1.11 Platform, and for this first iteration we have 118 tickets; am sure you would love to have a test of what you will soon be using, we have put lots of interesting features in this platform and you just can’t miss to test it for your self.

Therefore; we have set up a test sprint and we are requesting you to take part in testing these tickets, we trust in you and hope that you will do much better for the OpenMRS community in this task.

You can also invite as many friends as you can to engage in this very important sprint so that we can be sure about what we are soon releasing for you.

We have already set up all you need to test the tickets, you can begin from here:


and for the server where we have installed this platform, here is it:


All you need is described on the above sprint link, but in-case you have any questions please fell free to get back to us either here on the IRC or sprint page via comments.

We welcome you all regards k-joseph

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For all our contributors, we are available to respond to all as such issues as you may have whether ticketed or without a ticket, and you can always mention such issues here, Take part in testing our OpenMRS Platform 1.11 release! , https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/Testing+OpenMRS+Platform+1.11+Release+Tickets or bring such discussions to us on the irc, am sure i or dkayiwa or any other person would be glad responding to such issues.

Am just thinking of a better way to easily follow up and collect all feedback and i think maintaining it on so-far the mails i have sent out and the talk plus sprint pages would be a good idea to achieve that

Hi Joseph, let me be the first to christen the testing process! :smile:

When I went to the following page: http://uat01.openmrs.org:8080/openmrs/admin/encounters/encounter.form?encounterId=25840

I noticed that the section on providers is generating it’s content incorrectly. Specifically, it states that the provider name is: Provider: providerId:1 providerName:[Super User]

This behavior is replicable for any patient. :smile:

Let me know what else I can do to further help.


I have noticed that too Paul, i think for such issues as this, we can create one day fix ticket(s) which must there and then be worked on, i propose that you can create the ticket about this, i will be trying as much as i can to see that such tickets are fixed or else we can push some of such tasks if they are complex or not worked on to 1.12.

Do you @burke and @dkayiwa think we can introduce a new label for such tickets and add support for fixing them before the release is out, or you propose that we can deal with such uprising issues in another way other than the one i have responded with to @paul ?

regards k-joseph

The purpose of testing is to make sure that things are working properly. If existing tickets are not working as expected, then the work should continue on that ticket (e.g., re-open if necessary and address what was reportedly working but is not yet). Any new issues that arise that we need to address before Platform 1.11 is released should be documented as new Platform 1.11 bugs. There’s no reason that you can’t come up with a label for these, but I don’t think it’s necessary, since these will be the only Platform 1.11 tickets that are not resolved.

I have created where we can gather feedback besides the previously mentioned means, it is https://notes.openmrs.org/OpenMRS-Platform-1.11-Release-Feedback

Thanks @burke for your response, i hope that when you mentioned

[quote=“burke, post:6, topic:455”] Any new issues that arise that we need to address before Platform 1.11 is released should be documented as new Platform 1.11 bugs [/quote] you thereby agree with creating ticlets for such issues!!!

Hi our treasured contributors, we are moving on with testing OpenMRS 1.11 and so-far we have had quite a small number of contributors, Lee Breisacher is leading and we have also seen Taremwa Tadeo; could you be the one, the only one whose efforts are needed more to accomplish our goal of testing 118 tickets for this first iteration, please engage in this work beloved :slight_smile: Let me also announce to you what you may not have known before: We have goodies/incentives to be offered to all our contributors:

  1. Our first/best noticed participant in testing; receives priority ranking in their “OpenMRS contribution” score for their scholarship, or will be able to delegate the same “award” to another scholarship applicant.
  2. The second participant; receives a custom OpenMRS shirt.
  3. Lastly; listing all the testers/contributors in the 1.11 release notes.

We mostly need your efforts please, and are welcoming to them, please take part in testing our 1.11 release tickets and you will not regret having participated :slight_smile:

i get this popup when searching by patient name


Thanks @ssemakadde for noticing this :smile:

IS this behavior meant to be so @burke, @dkayiwa, @darius, @wyclif, etc? i have been able to reproduce it, when i typed in mat, asa, ong etc i got it except when i typed in somethng else like joh, john, lad etc, i then wouldn’t reproduce it, what do you have to say about this observation!!! I would still suggest that incase it is ok having it, we can change the message to some more clear and easy to understand message to the end user :smile:

regards k-joseph

Sure it is a bug, it is not hapenning for 1.10, i have created a ticket reporting it @ssemakadde at https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-4450 and added you as a watcher.

great observation indeed :slight_smile:

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Joseph i think it would be ideal to have the tickets created/reported by the those who find these bugs, then these tickets can be assigned to some dev, i have created so many tickets before, and why not this please change created by to @ssemakadde this is the only way i contribute since i still have limited developer skills by the way @k_joseph @dkayiwa @wyclif all from Ug you should give me basics on how to become a dev :smile:

Ok, i will always ping you when to create any, next time when you report a bug and we agree with it, then you will go ahead and create the ticket by your self @ssemakadde :smile: Nice seeing you active bro, by the way, let me copy you onto some email and we continue discussing, we are soon to host an openmrs hachthon that you wouldn’t love to miss i suppose. please fill free to contact me on any thing which i can offer you help on :blush:

regards k-joseph

Joseph i think this should go away since its now configurable i have treated a ticket for it here https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-4454 in the image below the system is configured to only show 15 encounters so what is the use of the show N entries

Well, thanks, we shall follow up the ticket to work upon it

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