Take 5 mins to help us update our Tech Radar!

Are there technologies you think should get more attention within the OpenMRS Community? We use the OpenMRS Radar to communicate which technologies are considered best practice and which new technologies show promise for the OpenMRS Community.

It’s time for us to update our radar and we’d like your help! (Especially if there are technologies we’re using/not using that are causing headaches for you!) :grimacing:

What Do You Think?

:white_check_mark: Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey (5-10 minutes or less): https://forms.gle/cBGLoMCU6WcpANWE9, or respond with your thoughts in this thread.

Dedicated Discussion Jan 29 (and ongoing at TAC)

:calendar: All are welcome to join us for a dedicated working Technical Action Committee (TAC) meeting to update our OpenMRS Radar on Jan 29.

And in the meantime, at the coming TAC meeting this Friday, we’ll be discussing ideas for the 2021 roadmap, and we’ll already start using feedback on the Radar to help guide this.

Helpful Links about our Tech Radar:

  • One page overview: om.rs/2020radar
  • Live radar: om.rs/radar
  • Detailed descriptions: om.rs/2020radardetails

Thank you!

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Please tag others who may be interested as well :slight_smile:


OOps I guess I need some sort of permission to fill up the form @grace .Its not opening up for me …

Thank you for catching that @saurabh, I’ve fixed that. It was restricting responses to people with OMRS email addresses. Please try again and LMK if you run into any other issues :slight_smile:

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@laxman @sanjayap Please have a look and share your ideas.

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We’re still looking for input! Let us know what tech we need to change/adopt/assess/down-prioritize with this 5 min survey: https://forms.gle/cBGLoMCU6WcpANWE9


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I took a few minutes to take the survey in anticipation of this upcoming Friday TAC’s discussion on technology advice for the OpenMRS community (i.e., updating our Radar).

It took me about 5 minutes to complete the survey (it’s literally 4 questions). There are a few new technologies we’re missing and some things I think we can tweak. The more people we can convince to take the survey before this Friday (29 Jan), the more informed & efficient we can be on Friday’s call.

If you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes to click this link where you can see our current list of technologies in each of 4 categories and jot down some quick reactions on any items you think are missing or should change (e.g., “add X to trial. move Y to hold. We should consider dropping Z from the radar.”).