TAC Call 2023-07-06: Impressive updates from Raff today :)

Dear community, I really enjoyed our TAC call today - despite there being no proposed agenda, @raff shared some really fantastic updates about his latest work that I wanted to share more widely with you all.

And ICYMI, this comes amidst truly phenomenal, back-breaking work that @ibacher & @dennis have been doing together to substantially improve the performance of the o3 framework and reduce the complexity exposed to developers (which has led to the v5 release of esm-core).

Notes from today: (also available in the usual place at Technical Action Committee (TAC) Meeting Notes - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki)

Attendees: Raff, Eudson, Dennis, Grace, Michael, Piumal

  • Updates from Raff:
    • Burp Suite Unblocked! Support team was able to unblock the issue with the login page though they aren’t sure if it’s running correctly. Trying on dev3 environment. 100,000 requests over 24hrs, so far load is being handled successfully (no crashes). Raff to share results w/ cmty when available and when he’s confirmed w/ Burp Suite support team that they look as expected.
    • FHIR Module: Issue with count not running fast enough. Solution: Cache account for subsequent queries, for all requests that return a list of resources. Whenever a response is returned, should be cached and reused. Raff needs to set docs to communicate this to implementers and change core to enable this feature by default. Already merged in FHIR module, awaiting release of FHIR module. Raff to check in w/ Ian and then Raff will lead releasing this.
    • Docker Setup Documentation: Specific to the repos in their READMEs (core, distro repos) - Raff hoping to finish this week.
    • Running out of Memory of Bamboo Agents: Moved files around to differently partition the agents, freed up 5GB.
  • O3 RefApp Performance Issues:
    • Testing Upgrade: Raff to test v5 upgrade of esm-core, check for any performance issues we might have missed

    • Pagination Slow: UCSF reports pagination component continues to be troublesome on frontend. E.g. table component here. Raff reckons Dropdown page changer on bottom right is culprit - need to replace with simple input field. Because get list of 1→1,000 if that’s the # of pages! @dennis & @samuel34 to connect. Also need to check if this component performs better post-esm-core-v5 migration.

    • Benchmarking: This seems like the right time to set up. Loading times plus load testing: On backend, we test REST & FHIR API endpoints this way. @dennis to look into approaches we want to take for O3.

  • Reviewed the Technical Architecture Diagram and made a few changes - much aesthetic improvements still required; Grace will try to get to this and will seek Cmty feedback on Talk when able.

CC @burke @mseaton @mogoodrich