TAC 2023-04-27: O3 Release & Pipeline, New CDS Features, and Product Support Catch-up


Agenda for this week’s Technical Action Committee call this Thursday at 2pm UTC (4pm CEST / 5pm EAT / 7:30pm IST / 10am EDT / 7am PDT) at :video_camera: https://om.rs/zoomtac

  • O3 RefApp Release plan (per this thread) - led by @mksd
  • O3 Release Pipeline & Automation details - info from @jayasanka
  • Clinical Decision Support Features - next steps e.g. on CQL rule generation by backend, Indicator generation, and new frontend-facing feature, Tasks
  • Global Product Support Team updates - details from @dkayiwa @raff @hadijah315 @suruchi and more.
  • Defining Active Visits
  • Sorting in the REST API
  • GSOC Proposals

Looking forward to seeing you there!