System Performance and Utilization Module Project

Starting a thread for discussions with @vineetv2821993, @pascal, and @janflowers for the GSOC 2015 project.

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Important Point I made from this week :-

  • Memory Usage showing inaccurate values

  • When I check my task manager it is showing two time the memory it is showing in module

  • Need to check the implementation how it is working

  • Got solution to get CPU usage

  • Tested the value retrieval in the module

  • Now hard part is to implement it in the same structured way the memory usage is implemented. Working on it.

  • Important point is because each java program run in independent JVM. The value are the retrieval of JVM Memory, CPU and Disk usage which is running OpenMRS

  • Visiting Page Each Time or Refreshing Page for new Values of Utilization

  • This must be avoided

  • Can be done easily by making ajax call to controller function which is updating value in module.

Working on the suggested issues that should be resolved regarding indicators. target for next week. Update the blog soon.

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@janflowers it is GSoC 2015 :smiley:

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Ha - yes, it is. I guess I was daydreaming about the future! Or typing to fast…

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  • CPU UsageIndicators (Total CPU Usage, JVM CPU Usage)
  • Disk Usage Indicators (All absolute paths and Memory Occupied in Disks)
  • Ajax calls for realtime value retrieval

Next Target

  • Memory Usage Addition (RAM in Use, Page Memory in Use)
  • CPU Usage Addition (No. of Processors Available)
  • UI Fixes Minor Issues:

git pull --rebase upstream

You asked to pull from the remote ‘upstream’, but did not specify a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote for your current branch, you must specify a branch on the command line.

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  • New Feature: System Information (Providing Extra Information here instead of Memory/CPu Usage Panel)
    • Operating System
    • VM
    • Processors
    • Main Memory
    • Page Memory
    • JVM Memory
    • Memory Usage Chart
  • Disk Usage Improvement
  • UI Enhancements

Next Target

  • Used Chart Implementation (Application Indicator)
  • Mid Term Presentation
  • UI Improvements


Very helpful tool and thanks @vineetv2821993, do you have this developed for the old/legacy UI for a reason? Thought it would be developed for the reference application!

No @k_joseph it is not just focused for the legacy UI . In current state I am looking to add more indicators as much as possible which are basic requirement of the monitoring system. I am studying stuff to add some application indicator. Might help in reference application. Any suggestion from your side ? :smiley:


Hi Everyone,

Today I am releasing the 2.0 Version of the System Performance and Utilization Module. The module usage is very simple. Just install the module and open the Administration panel to seek for module functionality which includes :-

  1. Statistics :- Memory Usage, CPU Usage, Disk Usage and System Information
  2. Application Statistics :- Form Filled, Logged In User, Patient Counts, Encounter Counts, Report Run etc.

Just have a look at the module. Use it. Give suggestion. Review It. Currently supported 1.11 stable release or above of OpenMRS.

Here is the Download of the module : -

Fed up of opening the admin panel again and again for the system statistics. Don’t worry about it. You can download the google chrome extension for the module from the store. Currently extension is developed for Google Chrome Browser. This will make the module usage simple and quick access to the information.

Here you can download the Extension:-

The usage of the module and extension are very simple. Just try it and you will know that better.

Review and Enjoy :slight_smile: