System Performance and Utilization Module Midterm Presentation

I am Milinda Premadasa from Sri Lanka and my GSoC project is System Performance and Validation module. My mentors are Pascal Brandt and Jan Flowers.

The below video is an update of the current state of my GSoC 2014 project. I would like to invite all of you to view it and provide me feedback as it will help us lot to improve the project.

Due to some OS specific reasons i couldn’t embed the audio into this clip therefore please find the sound track for the video here for additional details of the project.

For the slides and more details refer the project page :

Thank you, Cheers, Milinda


@milindaruk, thank you for your presentation.

When you say that you are storing metrics “in a table” every few seconds and then summarizing those each minute and clearing the table, are you referring to a table in memory? Or a database table?

Do you have a demo site running your module?

Do you think you could get a “1.0” version of your module deployed soon? It’s best to get very basic functionality fully released and then spend the remainder of GSoC adding features or enhancements. If you reach the end of GSoC with your module 99.9% completed but not yet released, it’s far less likely to live beyond GSoC.

Hi Burke,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes i am referring to a table in the database here. The basic idea is move the average used_memory value in to per minute memory table and remove those entries from the normal metric_value table after like 1 minute. Because if not that table will be growing a lot since we add entries there every 10 seconds. We only started with seconds, and per minute tables, the idea is to extend this as per hours and per day so the users can view graphs based on secs/mins/hours or days.

Currently i don’t have a demo site as i am testing locally in my machine. However if anyone clone the repo and build it and deploy module, you can view its functionality (my blog has images on doing this). Also i think we are able to release 1.0 version after few weeks from now once we get used_memory and free_memory tables fully functioning and graphs are created. I actually got the first graph generated few days back that is why it was not included in the presentation. So i will talk to my mentor Pascal and try to do a the first release when we get memory data finalized.

Thanks! Milinda


Yes, we’re really close to a first release. We were actually aiming to do so before the midterm, but just missed the deadline.

I’ll work with Milinda to get some documentation and maybe some screenshots in the repo.

Ciao, Pascal