System Performance and Utilization Module Final Presentation

Hi Everyone,

Hello again and it is good to meet you back end of the summer. It has been a great summer for myself with lot of new learning. The below video is an update of the current state of my GSoC 2014 project. I would like to invite all of you to view it and provide me feedback as it will help lot to improve the project in a future effort.

Please find the sound track to the video in here. (However this is not much synced with the video so i recommend not to play the videos together, since it might be hard to follow in that case.)

Below are the key points that i need to highlight about the project.


  • Added new module to OpenMRS module repository, released publicly available versions. (1.0 is already released, expecting to release 1.1.0 with finalized code by 18th)
  • Completed ‘Memory Usage’ system indicator and visualized
  • Completed ‘User Logins’ application indicator and visualized
  • Completed ‘Created/Completed Encounters’ application indicator and visualized

Uncompleted Tasks

  • CPU Usage system indicator was expected to complete as the next system indicator, however couldn’t start on this due to the remaining time. :frowning:

Future Enhancements for Project

  • Extend the module with more system and application indicators e.g. : CPU Usage, Created charts per day etc.
  • Provide option to download system statics reports as PDF or CSV files.
  • Continue the module development with a future GSoC project

Finally, learning points for this summer …

  • Added lot more to programming knowledge: Java, JSP, Google Chart API, Spring, Java Management Beans
  • Learnt on creating a new module to document it, release it and deploy it; the complete process !!
  • Worked with two awesome mentors, Pascal and Jan :smiley:
  • Contributed to an open source project for the first time, met a great community

For the slides and more details refer the project page :

Thank you, Cheers, Milinda


Dear @milindaruk ,

Your project will be very useful. I look forward to trying the latest version when you release it. I hope you send the Implementer’s mailing list a message letting us know it’s available and where to get it.

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Hi @arbaughj ,

Thanks you very much for the feedback. I hope to release 1.1.0 version by this week. Will be sending a mail into the list afterwards with the complete information.

Cheers, Milinda