System Administration Open Web App v1.0 released!

System Administration Open Web App

version 1.0

Hi all,

I am very happy to announce the initial release of the System Administration Open Web App version 1.0.0.

I have worked on this project during my GSoC 2017 period and successfully moved some functionalities from legacy UI module to System Administration Open Web App. You can play with these functionalities on System Administration Open Web App,

  1. Manage Modules
  2. System Information
  3. Manage Scheduler

You wanted to install the REST web services v2.21.0 to get all the functionalities of this OWA [Get it from here]. I have released the v1.0 through the GitHub and I will add the related links to OpenMRS Add-Ons soon.

Improvements - There are some pending works on auto module update using OpenMRS Add-Ons. Mostly you can get that updated features on the immediate release.

Completed Tickets on this release

  1. OWA-21 : Implement Module Management Functionalities in OWA
  2. OWA-22 : Implement System Information functionality in OWA
  3. OWA-24 : Modify System Info Page
  4. OWA-25 : Implement Module Details view page
  5. OWA-26 : Integrate with OpenMRS Add-Ons to get module updates
  6. OWA-27 : Implement Manage Scheduler functionalities in OWA
  7. OWA-31 : OWA-21 Implement Drag and Drop module upload feature
  8. RESTWS-673 : Implement REST services to Manage Scheduler functionalities.
  9. RESTWS-674 : Include More Test cases for ModuleController1_8 in REST Module

Thank you so much @dkayiwa for the valuable guidance to complete this module. :slight_smile:

Let play with System Administration Open Web App and share your experience with us :slight_smile:

Regards, Suthagar