Synchronizing dateCreated and dateChanged. Is it needed?

Continuing the discussion from Sync 2.0 FHIR Object Mapping:

Pulling this into a new thread for further discussion.

My gut instinct would be that these data could be important for synchronization (i.e., to know whether or not something was updated before or after it was last synced.

These dates cloud be useful in the future if we will decide to add merging functionality. An edge case for that could be creating an entity in a child clinic, updating this entity from the parent node and then using ‘Push to the Parent’ form the child. It could be also creating a patient account for the same person separately on the parent and the child.

I haven’t been following Sync 2.0 in a ton of detail, but it does seem like these would be useful for the reasons @burke and @wbulawa mention above…

Take care, Mark