Synchronization of VisitAttributes fails


We are trying to use synchronization module to sync data from local installation to remote server. When we try to sync VisitAttributes, It fails to sync with following error on child side.

tomcat-openmrs | ERROR - SyncIngestServiceImpl.processOpenmrsObject(552) | Error when trying to set attributeType, which is a org.openmrs.VisitAttribute

tomcat-openmrs | java.lang.NullPointerException tomcat-openmrs | at java.lang.Class.isAssignableFrom(Native Method) tomcat-openmrs | at org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncUtil.valForField( tomcat-openmrs | at org.openmrs.module.sync.SyncUtil.setProperty(

I tried to fix this issue by,

adding NULL check for classType at line#391, OR if classType is null then check for text and convert the value to String.

Both failed to sync data to remote server. Am I proceeding in the right direction, If not could some one guide me to fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance!


Could you share the full stack trace?

Hello, @mani,

Which Sync module are you using? Is this the old Sync module or Sync 2.0?

Regards, Tomasz