Synch Issue for Consultation Fees

I am new to Bahmni. Just Installed it and doing the configuration part. Facing the following issue:

  1. Using Bahmni 0.92
  2. The doctor consultation fees is not getting synchronized the ERP system (oddo).

whereas the Drug Order, Radiology Order and Lab Order are synching properly.

Can someone guide me to a document to understand the Atom feed step by step troubleshooting issue for this.

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that is because the consultation fee sync is not done.

Is there any way it an be done?

Hi @angshuonline and @gsluthra,

We are trying to sync the consultation fee in clinical section to the Odoo module and we are not able to achieve it. All your help is highly helpful for us. Can you guide us on how we can sync the consultation fee to Odoo.

The “Consultation Fees” is stored as a “Clinical Observation” in Bahmni/OpenMRS. The “obs” (clinical data) is not synced to Odoo. Only “Drug/Lab/Radiology Orders” and “Patients” are synced to Odoo.

I am not sure how you can achieve this without making changes to sync code.

@angshuonline - Any additional thoughts on this?

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