Sync2 sprint wiki updates

Hello devs,

Having decided from the last PM call, we thought it best that we should populate the Sync2 sprint wiki with some of the experiences each one of us has been having while setting up the Sync2.0 module up-to now, in a question and answer form for easier understanding.

What I think is best would be if each one of us can create wiki pages of our experiences and later post their respective links under the During Project Notes for the sprint in the sprint wiki page so that we can easily access them without congesting the sprint wiki.

We are doing this before we can have a final FAQ wiki page for installing and running the Sync2.0 module for other community members to follow.

Development team

cc @dkayiwa @tendomart

Otherwise thank you for the great work you are all doing, any suggestions or questions about the same can be shared here.