Sync2 Sprint for UgandaEMR Retrospective meeting

Hi OpenMRS Devs,

The Sync2 sprint for UgandaEMR ended Monday 5th.08.2019 albeit having not finished up all the tickets of the sprint within the given sprint time period. However, we have scheduled a retrospective meeting for Tuesday 6th.08.2019 at 3:00pm EAT.

I cordially invite all openmrs developers to attend the call at

Please visit the openmrs calender for more detail

Dev team

cc @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @jslawinski

Any inquiries or suggestions can be posted here, thankyou all.

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@odorajonathan Apologies , I may not attend.But will wait for updates from the recordings.

That’s fine @tendomart thanks for the notification too. Just a quick reminder to all that the meeting begins within 10 minutes

hello @odorajonathan thanks for this information but i think it was given on a short notice, can you please let us know what came out from the meeting ??

Apologies @mozzy if it was such a short notice, I haven’t yet got access to have the conference call recordings but for now on the sprint wiki is an etherpad note I posted, under the retrospective section.

You could have a look at that as I get the call recording. We may as well have another meeting later on about the same where most of us are involved including @dkayiwa and @ssmusoke for better technical advice and a clearer way forward

well , one challenge i have seen ,. The tickets are entirely descibed from user’s case point of view , and completely no techical guidance or expectation is given. i have done some work but it seems @ssmusoke is temporarily in a ahideout , like i havent seen his comments yet on the Prs i raised and some techinical questions i asked.

Yes that is a problem many are/were facing and as far as am concerned we are waiting for any technical info or support so we can have a way forward with this.

Conference call recording

Hey @odorajonathan , what is the way forward with the sprint ,was it ended?? Am seeing the devs arent actively working on the tickets. The few tickets worked , no reviews at all. any update on this ?? cc @odorajonathan @dkayiwa @ssmusoke

@mozzy am very sure you have something to share with us on sync2 tickets how fur have you gone with tickets

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@sharif i was basically getting response from team members.

One of the tickets i worked on here has been merged, and is waiting for testing from some other dev to be finally closed.

Any one volunteering to do the tesing ?? cc @jwnasambu @herbert24 @sharif @georgejr @reagan @gcliff @tendomart @irenyak1 @lgilbert You’ll simply just pull the latest code for atom Feed Module and Sync2 module from openmrs master, build it. run it ,do some syncing and ensure The Person Attribute is now shown in the Audit Logs and Resource List.
use case1:

  • Register a new patient with a PersonAttribute eg phone number on the child server.
  • Set wrong Configs to ensure Syncing will fail
  • Try syncing. Result : The Person Attribute should be shown in the Audit Logs

Use case2 :

  • Regiter anew patient without any Person Attribute
  • Set correct Sync2 configs to ensure patient is synced
  • Add a Tel number to the patient after syncying.
  • Sync again(syncying the tel no.) , Result : The Person Attribute Resource i gues should be shown still in the Audit Logs

@mozzy thanks do we need to be syncing from either parent to child like it was before

@mozzy A sprint takes two weeks and it closes with a retrospective meeting, which we had. I think what we have to do is prepare for a new sprint with more devs on board so that we can have the sprint a success within the two weeks.

I hope we can have this plan in swing @ssmusoke @dkayiwa @jslawinski

@odorajonathan I think it is best to secure time from a couple of dev/3 and higher to help with the sprint and provide technical support as it goes forward. Unfortunately I only have bandwidth to play product owner role

@ssmusoke OK! Once we are able to have their participation, we can have the sprint going again. However, how may we involve more higher devs seems to me they get busier by the day?

@odorajonathan Can you be a bit more clear on the type of assistance you need for the Dev 3 and 4? Maybe you can share where your team has reached and what blockers you are facing?

I am happy to work with you on Uberconference to write this up to share with the community?

PM me with your available timeslots

@c.antwi The issues that need to be resolved require significant understanding of the OpenMRS Architecture, Web Services and FHIR (from what I understand), to guide the decisions being made to fill out the functionality so that it is useable in the field.

The first sprint fell into issues, as the team needed to be guided on the technical areas.

I hope that provides additional context from a product owner perspective

well noted @ssmusoke