Sync of radiology orders to ERP

Hello, we are wondering how to sync radiology orders from bahmni emr to openerp. The standard approach works just fine - but we added an updated approach in bahmni’s ordering form which means we have the following hierachy: 1) “Radiology Orders” - 2) “Modality” - 3) “bodyregion” - 4) “order”

We think that this provides a better workflow for the clinicians in the ordering process (this is nothing new, we copied this appraoch from the lab orders).

The problem we are facing now is that there is no automatic sync of the radiology orders with the ERP anymore.

The PACS workflow works fine- we just had to map the new classes we introduced to the radiology order class_id “4” in order_type_mapping.

Is there a similar DB_entry we can make to sync the orders to ERP?

Thank you for your help!

kind regards Gernot

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