Sync module only sends 50 records

Hello everyone

My organization is using openmrs 1.9.8 with the corresponding sync module, everything works fine except when I sync the child and parent. The child only sends 50 records and receives nothing back.

I configure each server to send 1000 records via file and 1000 records via web and retry count set to 15

Any ideas what could be the problem?

Are you in position to share the server side log via

Hello @dkayiwa Openmrs Sync - this is the server log for the parent server and this is the log for the child server Openmrs child server -

reading through the logs i see Duplicate entry ‘8f8f1d3a-cd0a-4150-affe-bc3c83d09db7’ for key ‘original_uuid’ , are you able to track this?

Hello @herbert24 I have tracked the entry with that uuid, what should I do now?

try removing the duplicate