Sync module 2.x version

Hello, First of all thanks for reading me and for suport the comunity too. We are a university department who is working with OpenMRS version 1.1. Our project is about pregnant womens in rurals zone where childbirth mortality rate is very high, so we need to save ecography images to be attended by a specialist, to prevent the danger of death. That works in the local machine and then synchronize (sync-1.3-omod) with other machines and the server in the project,

We want to move to the new version (2.x) and the problem now are two: 1.- Is there any alternative (or another sync module) to synchronize between openmrs instalations? 2.- Is there any module to save images with the patient for after that synchronize all? (Not only the metadatas)

  1. Am not aware of an alternative module.
  2. Where are the images stored?

Hello dkayiwa, thanks for answer me. But, is the module sync-1.3 working with any version of OpenMRS 2.X? The images are stored like data in the database using BLOB, but is better to find another way to stored directly with the patients to after synchronize with other databases in the project. Another things to know is that we are working in a area where the internet is limited and sometimes there is not conexion, so the images are stored without conexion and then when there is conexion the databases are synchronized

Hi @acano15,

(2) You could use Visit Documents UI. Or at the very least we would like to hear your thoughts on it.

(1) VDUI saves images as complex obs, I don’t know much about the sync module, but if it could be extended to complex obs then VDUI + sync would work. Nevertheless, all of a sudden a new form of sync (media/images) would have to be handled by sync, with all the challenges going with it, in particular in terms of the volume of data involved. But perhaps sync already handles complex obs, I don’t know.

Hello Everyone,

I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I would also like to hear about development for Sync Module in OpenMRS 2.x, since we are stuck on 1.9.8 which is the stable version that runs the sync module properly.

I have been able to create a network of sync servers through out 2 different countries, soon to be 3, on 2 different continents. But I might says that there is little or no development for more current versions.

@aramirez do you have some test servers running 2.x from which you can try out sync?

@dkayiwa no, I tried at one point using 1.11.3 but it didn’t work, so I’m assuming earlier versions wouldn’t support it. As of right now, I do not have servers available for testing. But I could create a virtual machine for this purpose, can I update an existing 1.9.8 to 2.x without going through 1.1x versions?

Yes try the upgrade and tell us what happens.

@acano15, @aramirez, the situation is that:

  • the sync module probably does not work on the latest versions of OpenMRS
  • historically the PIH Rwanda project has made the most contributions to the sync module, and done the most testing, so if they didn’t need it to work on a later OpenMRS version, it probably wasn’t done/tested
  • but in theory it should be possible to upgrade the sync module to work on the latest OpenMRS versions (and it might even be very easy)
  • nobody has really been asking for this for years, until the two of you asking within a week of each other :slight_smile:

So, if you’re able to test out the sync module against openmrs-core 1.11.x or 2.0.x, and report back what error messages you get, then people like @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, and @rubailly can probably determine whether the amount of work required to upgrade the module is going to be small or large, and we can decide on next steps from there.

Hi everyone, We have the ability to mount a server with two computers with OpenMRS 2.x to test the synchronize but maybe we don’t know if we have the time and necessary resources to update the module.But, We are interested in in the next step of this module so we keep waiting for your answers in a interested way. If you decide to upgrade the module, I can upload here images of the problems, the first error that appears is just when you try to upload the module in the local module repositories: Unable to start OpenMRS. Error thrown was: org.openmrs.module.MandatoryModuleException: The following modules are marked as ‘mandatory’ When you delete de module of the …/module folder you get an error in the database because it create tables and OpenMRS is not able to start. Best regards

@acano15 can you start the process by creating a new ticket under the Sync Module JIRA project for making the module run on platform 2.x?

What is the status of this?

We started a Sync 2.0 implementation in the meantime: Sync 2.0 Planning