Sync Bahmni Vagrant Folders with the Host folder inside bahmni-vagrant

Hello guys, have created a folder called bahmni_sync inside my bahmni vagrant folder on host and below are my configuration in my bahmni vagrant file.

config.vm.synced_folder "./bahmni_sync", "/home/vagrant/var/www", :owner => "vagrant"

Then i have run vagrant reload command but still does not Sync the folders. Kindly help. @amolsatvix , @degbenedio


If you are not able to see the “bahmni_sync” in your vagrant on path /bahmni_sync then I think this Host folder is not synced to vagrant, You May got an error while doing vagrant up related mount the “bahmni_sync” folder or error related to “nfs”.

Share your Vagrant file and logs vagrant up command.