Sync 2.0 Sprint 9 - More control over the synchronization process

We’ve finished our work regarding Sprint 9.

Sprint goal: More control over the synchronization process, manual synchronization

Sprint tickets:

The most important tickets connected with sprint goal :

Important features added:

  1. The parent should have possibility to decide which children could push data to it
  2. Allow manual synchronization of selected records.
  3. Support for handling different catchment areas - allow to configure what is synced where through configuration

Showcase videos :

We’ve also made 3 module releases :

  1. FHIR 1.14.0 -
  2. AtomFeed 1.0.6 -
  3. Sync2 1.2.0 -

cc/ @abendor @simba @jslawinski @c.antwi @burke


@kmadej thanks and your team for this great work!

Did i just miss the end of sprint demo call, where the community asks a few questions here and there?

@dkayiwa we did not make sprint demo call with the community, however I sent an url to videos, where developers described work during sprint.

If you have any questions regarding tickets from Sprint 9 feel free to ask.

We can organize a sprint demo call after Sprint 10. I will let you know.