Sync 2.0 module Increases server restart time

We have been doing controlled deployment of Sync 2.0 with KenyaEMR. During the period we have noticed that with the addition of the sync 2.0 module, the server takes long to restart. In some instances approximately over one hour for the server to restart which was not the case before we included the sync 2.0 module. What could be causing this? Are there other teams who have experience the same with the Sync 2.0 module. Any solutions on how to go about it?

Are you planning to use the Sync 2.0 module in production?

@dkayiwa Yes that is what we are planning to do.

Am not aware of any one who has used this module in production. It requires some more developer resources to be fit for that. Apart from the performance issues, does it work as per your expectations?

We are having the same problem, Sync 2.0 on OpenMRS 1.12.1 refreshing context for close to two hours, I have deployed the same on a blank database and another one with data but still the startup times averagely equal.

Is this something that you can easily reproduce on for instance the standalone version of OpenMRS?