Sync 2.0 for OpenMRS 2.2

I’d like to get Sync 2.0 working on OpenMRS 2.2. I’ve filed a ticket to that effect. Can anyone working on Sync (@alalo?) talk me through what’s causing the current incompatibility? I’d like to get it fixed, if I can get some support.

cc @ssmusoke @mogoodrich

I think that is most likely because platform 2.0.x was the latest by the time sync 2 development started. I would just raise it to 2.2 and test to see what happens.

Yeah I’m getting a NullPointerException. I figured I’d ask to see if this is part of a broader known issue.

sync nullptr.txt (9.7 KB)

I got past that error… by turning it off and turning it on again. Sorry to bother. I’ll follow up in this thread if things go wrong when I try actually doing the sync.

Hi @bistenes,

like @dkayiwa said the OpenMRS 2.0.x was the newest version of the OpenMRS Platform when we started developing this module. In the last project phase we were focused on adding compatibility between Sync 2.0 module and legacy OpenMRS (1.x).

That’s really great you planning add the compatibility with the OpenMRS 2.2. Any feedback from you will be very valuable for us.

cc: @kmadej

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