Switching from OpenEMR to OpenMRS

Hi, I am KM a family physician from Sri Lanka.

I have been using OpenEMR for my private patients installed in a MacBook, with some basic modifications for patient demographics, medications lists, ICPC2 - ICD - 10 coding etc. For the past two years the now cloud-based EMR has been working very well. It has served the purpose without any problem. However its very difficult to find and modify the code with all the help from the community if you are not a current programmer.

I have just started to use OpenEMR in our university clinic. The demographic details have been entered from the paper records to OpenEMR demographic module for about 1400 persons.

Met a very good friend that recommended OpenMRS this week. Within 30 min I had installed the OPenMRS in my MacBook (which I couldn’t do two years ago).

Wondering whether to go for OpenMRS for the university clinic.

Is there a way to pull the 1400 demographic information to the OpenMRS? Should not be very difficult as I can get the data (variable names to a Excel sheet)

Help and advice will be much appreciated

Thank you


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By the way, did you get a chance to look at this post from @tomtom5152 ? Comparision between Openmrs,OpenEMR,OpenHR.Why some one choose the Openmrs why not the other opensource platform.Looking for a key differences.

Its funny I should be tagged in this, I saw it in IRC earlier and meant to check the post out but it slipped my attention.

If your running stock OpenEMR without all the dispensing and billing features then I don’t see any issue with switching. I will eventually be working on an importer to do precisely that (this could be an official module/script if there is significant enough demand for it). I’m also currently working in private (because it is not yet code I’m proud enough to share) on an OpenEMR inspired appointment system, with that being our main use of OpenEMR and having found the OpenMRS one unsuitable in design for our needs. I will be doing a simplistic billing module along the same lines later.

@tomtom5152 as for the billing module, did you take a look at this from @BandaHealth? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenHMIS+Cashier+Module

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That looks really close to what I want actually, I’ve already seen on contrib I could make to the project though so will be investigating it further. I’ll probably still need a module ontop of that for my own usage as I want to integrate an iZettle card terminal into it through a custom patient facing iOS app mounted on the reception desk (in theory).

Yes just read and Thank you its excellent. Will have more questions later. Still using OpenEMR but now installed OpneMRS in my Macbook

I am really interested in converting to OpenMRS at the stage with only patient demographics Any specific documents I should look at? Is there a software that is available to do this conversion at this point in times? Thank you KM

First of all, have you confirmed, that for your use case, OpenMRS will work better that OpenEMR?

Its difficult to give an answer with Yes/No I know OpenEMR more (advantages & disadvantages) than OpenMRS Even knowing OpenMRS I have come to understand that the programming logic is very easy to find in openMRS than OpenEMR even at this stage. Although OpenEMR has vastly more out of the box functionalities compared to OpenMRS Thinking about the mid to long-term programming to suit our unique requirements I feel OpenMRS will be more easy to customorize.

Doing the data migration is definitely going to require some development. Do you have any developer resources on your team?

I think I heard that you plan to migrate only patient demographics and not any other patient data (such as diagnoses, labs, etc.). You don’t talk about the UI aspect and whether you need to produce new forms since of OpenMRS to manage your clinic workflow. I presume that there is a way to inject demographic data into OpenMRS as we once had the ability to do so for test patients. I can help on the concept migration, but it doesn’t sound like you actually need to migrate concepts.