Swap out validators and use express-validator middleware

I am currently working on merging GCI contributions and need to do a good deal of work to fix them up for use.

Currently we are using (what seems to be) a custom solution for form validations. I propose instead we swap out our custom solution and use the express-validator middleware, I am willing to take on the work of porting our code, I’m currently overhauling most forms to use bootstrap validation styling, which is prettier, in short, we’d validate client-side and server-side (but the client should catch most validation errors).

Anybody opposed?

My attitude towards 3rd-party packages are that they should be well-maintained, robust and could provide a more compact code. As long as these are satisfied, we could use that.

But if the logic is very simple, I think, it’s no harm to implement our own.

This is more just me thinking outloud and putting my ideas out there. In addition, currently validation is not working – I was working on merging the GCI work and want to rework how the validations errors are presented to the user.