Supporting Java 8 in the standalone too

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS is not able to start:

@maany, noticing this, we definitely need to fix this as part of the Platform 2.0 release, so I wanted to make sure it’s on your radar.

I see this ticket – can we repurpose this as a Platform 2.0 ticket?


yup @darius, this needs to be done :slight_smile: @dkayiwa do the standalone release versions coincide with the Platform release version i.e would Platform 2.0 lead to the release of Standalone 2.0? I’ll update the FixVersion of the issue accordingly on JIRA

Right now we are only releasing the Standalone edition of the Reference Application (aka OpenMRS 2.x).

This is incorrect. If you go to we have “Platform 1.11.4 Standalone Edition” (and I think we have always released standalones of the platform…)

Releasing “Platform 2.0” should include the simultaneous release of “Platform 2.0 Standalone Edition”.

Oops, yep. Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that.